Who We Are

Red Click is the first Affiliate Marketing platform in Cyprus. Red Clicks connects the biggest and best online shops in Cyprus, Greece and internationally with select websites of our affiliates, promoting this way the products and services of the Merchants of our network.

The affiliate marketing platform that we developed is based on an internationally renowned platform which guarantees excellent performance and results for our affiliates. Red Click’s partnerships with online mass media, as well as other high traffic websites, guarantees a powerful promotion of the advertised merchants, increasing this way their sales.

Our partners, both Merchants as well as the Websites where the adverts are displayed, are carefully selected in order to guarantee the quality and reputation of all involved parties. Our success is based on the fact that advertising with the “Affiliate Marketing” model is results-based and the advertiser pays only when products or services are sold, without the unnecessary advertising expenses and the uncertainty if the investment will yield results or not.

Red Click’s expert support team stands next to all its partners, providing them technical and advisory support for more easily achieving their business goals.